We require lightn top see thing around us . The sunlight up the day and the moon light up the night. Beside giving light the sun also give us warmth. The object that give out light are called lunimous object objects. Example:- sun,bulb,torch, The object that do not give out their own light are called non luminuys object.Example:-stone , paper ,  tree , table  We can see an object when light from a luminous object sour fall on it and the reflacted light entefr our eyes the moon  does not have oun light it shine because the reflatiojn of the sun. LIGHT Light is an invisible source of the created a sensation of vision. LIghty ttravel in the strate line  =  Light a candle and put on a table. =   Tke a hollow pipe and look throught flame of the candle through it. =  Now bend th4e pipe and look throught  at the flanme of the candle throught it. You can see the light of the kcandlewhen the pipe isa staight. When the piupeb is bend ypou cannot see the light 


We already know that a group of organs working together to perform a particular  function is called an organ system. The circulatry system is an organ system  THE CIRCULATRY SYSTEM    The cirulatory system transport nutrient water and oxygen inside our body through blood  The circulatory system is mainly divide into three part  1 heart  2 blood and  3  blood vessel  HEART  The  heart nis a muscular organlocated on the left side of the chest It is protected by the rib cage .It  pinp s blood to all part opf the body. STRUCCTURE AND FUNCITION OF THE HEART  The human heart consist of four chamber two upper chamber and two lower  chamber. The upper chamber are are called the artria of suricles and the lower chamber are callled the ventriocal. Auricles receive blood cioming from the rest of the body and ventrtical pump blood out of the heart  The main funcition of the blood heart is to pump blood containing oxygen and nutrient to all part of the body. The heart also a


PRODUCERS  The living organism that can produce their own food are known as producers . All green plants are producers as they can make their own food by process of photosynthsis Plant use this food this food for their growth and survival . thus we see that produser are the main sopures of food and energy to other living orgainsm  CONSU ERS The living organism that cannot make their own food are called conumers  Consumer depend on plant and other living thing for thir food . All animal are consumers. Consumer can be group into three categories  1   Herbivores :The animal that eat only plant are called herbivores  example = cow, goat, elephant  2  Carnivores : The animal that only eat meat are called carnivores  example = tiger lion sabour toth tiger barbari lion  3   Omnivores : The anoimal that can eat plant and animal  both are called omainvores  example bear human crow chmpengy  SCAVENGER : The animal that eat the dead plant aqnd animal are called


United nation organiganition that is the would biggest organizations. When to our more ccountry fight with each other then the united nation organisation soulb the matter  United nation organisation in his onder 5 organisation  work and 6 small organisition come under his control  = WORLD HELTH ORGANISTION (WHO) Anyt affair of helth come onder his control  = UNIOTED NATION EDUCATION CHILDREN FUND (UNECEF) Any affair of funm and education come onder his ccontrol  =UNITED NATION EDUCATION , SECUYRITY , AND CULCURAL ORGANISITION (UNESCO )  Any affair of fthe security and cultrul comer uynder his control  = FOOD AND AGRICULCURAL ORGANISITION (FAO)  Any affair of food and agricutural come under his conrol  = INTENATIIONAL LABOR ORGANISATIION (ILO)  Any affair of labors come under his control                            AND OTHER SMALL ONE ARE = GENRAL ASSEMBALY  = SECURITY COUNCIL  = INTERNATIIONAL COURT OF JUSTIS  = SECTERIAL  = ECOMOMIC AND SICIAL CIONCIL   TREESTSHIPE COUNCIL 


Our body is a biological machine The food that we eat the  exercise that we do are fuel for the body which help the body to function properly . Our body has diffrent organ system. Each organisam system carries out a specific life process  The digestive system help to break down the food we eat into smaller form so that they may be used by the body for genrating energy. The circulatory system The cirulatory  system pumps blood continuously which not only helpcarry nutrient to the different part of the body but also collect waste to from the body the excretory system help to give birth to  yonger ones so that special may continue to exist Here in this chapter we will learn about what is skelaton system  THE SKELETON SYSTEM  The skelaton system is made uip of bones the bones in oure body join at differnt place to from the frmework of bones called the skelaton system there are 206 bones in adult human being.A baby ;has more than 206 bones but as it gropws some bones fuse togethert The skel


There are number way that computer virus spread from one computer to another and some of them are discussed here:  By opening an infected file of malician website link. By running an infected program   By using infect pen drive  Virus are not genarated accidentally but are programmed intentionally by program know as viruse author. today the most comman in a computer is through attachment in e-mail.  TYPE OF VIRUSE  Computer virus can be categories into different type based on theire functions  PROGRAM VIRUSE  Program viruse is a powerfull viruse that infect executable files program such as those with extenvion like .com, .exe, .ovl, . drv, .sys etc.  BOOT VIRUSE  Thise type of viruse infect the boot recode or master boot recodes. STEALTH VIRUSE   Stealth viruse infect the system by hiding the file changing the size of file or changing the creation of data and time . SELF MODIFYING VIRUSE  Thise type of viruse change itself to conceal from antivitviruse software . It is two types: apoly


Virus is a peice of program code written to alter  the way computer operates . It  is created with intension of destruction often the full form of  virus is Vital  Informantion resouce under siege. it can cause demage steal personal iformation modify data send e-mail  disply message and hinder the imoptant activity of computer It spread to your computer through infect e-mail or pen drive or downloading content from the internet